Motivate, Inspire, Lead, Empower, and assist our youth to Succeed.

Going M.I.L.E.S is a leadership initiative, created for the sole purpose of fostering a positive environment for Indigenous youth to grow and interact with today's top Indigenous talent, through the medium of the arts. With Indigenous peoples being one of the fastest demographics growing today, a change is needed to lead a more healthy lifestyle with the chance of positive expression, which is at a all time low.

With professional positive role models Going Miles is a program developed to ensure our youth get to experience the potential they have in themselves to create and believe in seeing their thoughts and ideas come to life.

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Going M.I.L.E.S Mission 


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Going Miles is a program that strives to Motivate, Inspire, Lead, Empower, and assist our youth to Succeed. Going Miles will provide laughter and learning to complement front line workers and counsellors in the community in assisting youth to develop positive attitudes and self esteem in their personal growth and inner development.We will go the extra m.i.l.e to promote and deliver to your youth and community, tools to assist them in a healthy and holistic lifestyle and positive self expression.

Interactive workshops, dance parties, self-esteem building, barrier breaking exercises, performances with youth, keynote speeches, caregiver workshops and professional Indigenous traditional and mainstream entertainment.


Conference Dates


Most of our work is at private events that request our workshops and shows.

We are hosting a Toronto conference in September. Check back for details!



Going MILES (Motivate, Inspire, Lead, Empower, and Succeed) is raising Self-Esteem and providing practical youth and community empowerment solutions and deliver top notch and inspirational community entertainment.




Going MILES is a program that assists participants with positive self-expression and raising self-esteem by using an interactive engaging hands-on approach that allows one to tap into their natural talents, abilities and by unlocking the true potential to succeed.Going MILES contribute and promote a new train of thought and positive lifestyle, that give participants a chance to grow and succeed in life.Going MILES will give laughter, acknowledgement and praise for positive attitudes and ideas to ensure personal growth and inner development.

Role Models

The Going Miles Team:


Dakota House
Celebrity Actor & Motivational Speaker



Dakota House is a Cree Actor - born in Manning, Alberta and Dakota grew up in an inner-city neighborhood in Edmonton.  Best known for his role as Tee Vee Tenia on the CBC Series "North of 60", Dakota has starred in numerous feature films and made numerous guest star appearances in shows such as Heartland and the X- Files.‚Äč A father of 4 with over a decade of sobriety and his background in Martial Arts, Dakota prides himself on being a strong role model for youth. For over two decades he has devoted much of his time to educating youth on motivation, self- esteem and making positive choices. He has travelled across Canada extensively, bringing hope and inspiration to youth through keynote presentations, youth conferences and other special events.


Scott Ward
Comedy Hypnotist & Motivational Speaker



Scott Ward was born in Selkirk, Manitoba and is of Ojibway/Métis background.  In addition to bringing laughter and entertainment to communities, organizations and schools, Scott is well known for his hypnosis show and is heavily immersed in working with youth and was a past recipient of an Alberta Aboriginal Youth Role Model Award , an Alberta Business Award of Distinction (Youth Entrepreneur), as well as being a 2015 recipient of the Native American 40 under 40 award. Scott Ward now travels extensively across North America as a full-time Comedy Hypnotist and Motivational Speaker. Scott is also a certified Teacher and certified Hypnotherapist and co-author of the business book: "Energize Your Entreprenurial Spirit".

Jarret Leaman
 Motivational Speaker


Jarret Leaman is a 2-Spirited Anishinaabe (Ojibway) from Magnetawan First Nation who has been recognized by the Huffington Post as one of three Aboriginal Canadians to Watch. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Human Resource Management with a minor degree in Native Studies from Trent University, and a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations through the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. 

Jarret is currently the executive director of the Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada, a membership-based, leadership-focused organization that connects, supports and promotes outstanding leadership within the First Nations, Métis and Inuit community of professionals. Jarret loves to communicate Indigenous success and speaks on the topics of LGBT & 2Spirit, Indigenous Education & Youth, and Workplace Diversity & Inclusion.


Colin Bird
 Native Comedian & Motivational Speaker



Colin bird aka (Chuck Cease) attended the Indian Teacher Education Program at the University of Saskatchewan and is a member of the Mistawasis First Nation and has made the greater Vancouver area his home for the last 14 years. He is a father of 4 children and plans to have his own Streaming TV Comedy Special this year. Colin has been facilitating workshops with the Federation of Aboriginal Foster Parents in Canada and specializes and provides workshops in the areas of: Understanding Struggles Of First Nation Children In Care, Healing Through Comedy and  Aboriginal Cultural Awareness.


Our Workshops




Utilize interactive exercises to illustrate how gossip and bullying starts. Focus on verbal and non-verbal communication styles to illustrate how it affects us directly and indirectly using Power of Voice Exercise.


YOUTH EMPOWERMENT (Interactive Exercises, Energizers & Ice Breakers!)

People enjoy workshops that are interactive and get the blood going. Learning can be fun and there is no better way to build school unity than through group interactive exercises infused with some drama games. Break the ice by having your participants up and moving around learning new team building skills.



Using interactive demonstrations and exercises (Power of Voice and Unity circle) to give each participant some time to talk about themselves and tap into their own voices. Encourage youth to see and experience what it is like to be leaders among their peers.



Our team can spend several days in your community and work with clients from your community that would like to have individual or group sessions for quitting smoking, weight loss, self-esteem, fears and phobias, and etc. Participants develop and experience and learn to use those techniques at home, school or work.



The team discusses teachings that have been passed on to them from their Elders. Examine factors relating to suicide including round table discussions with youth on issues that affect them.



Discuss various facets of gang-related activities and factors contributing to this. Utilize desensitization exercise to assist participants in thinking and assessing situations around them before jumping in with both feet.



Focus on issues relating and leading to alcohol and substance abuse among youth.



Examining learned behaviors passed down by our parents. Impact of intergeneration teachings. Focus on positive ways to make headways with our children. Practice home exercises in regards to interactions between parents and youth. Power of voice and communication.



By utilizing our natural talent and abilities, we can create the work we enjoy, Sometimes we are told to do this or that by other people or even our own family and if you listen to your heart you will be successful! Participants will also make an action plan using aspects from the medicine wheel.



Participants will learn basic HD video camera skills and will then create an original video based the needs of the community. This video will then get produced and edited by the Going Miles team and then uploaded to YouTube for viewing by the public. Ideas for this collective creation can include: music videos, interviews with elders, commercials or even short films. (Available only when booking 2-3 days)

Media Kit


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