Going Miles is one of the worlds premier and youngest personal transformation team’s.

We are a band of acclaimed motivational speakers, entertainers and personalities, embraced by the youth and communities of the world, sharing our story and inspirational message.

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Going MILES in Port Hardy!

Going M.I.L.E.S. has just returned from the road. This time the team got to visit Port Hardy, continuing to make friends and family on their mission to spread motivation to all communities in Canada. From taking part in ceremonies, to experiencing first hand traditional art. The north island trip will be one to remember and they can’t wait to go back. “I am very grateful for all the rich culture I am getting the opportunity to experience!” says magician, Kigen Martin. The true magic lies in the impact and interactions the Going M.I.L.E.S. team are able to share with the youth and adults alike. Seeing the the shift in perception and motivation to live a healthier life continues to provide hope and inspiration to the leaders of Going M.I.L.E.S. We’ll see you on the road, until next time

Dakota House is auctioning off his leather jacket!

Dakota House has put his North of 60 leather jacket up for auction. The Edmonton-based actor, who played TeeVee Tenia on the long-running TV series, wants to use the proceeds to fund the Going M.I.L.E.S program for kids across Canada. He expects the garment to raise thousands of dollars for the cause. You can make a bid by sending a message on Going Miles Facebook page or Dakota House Facebook page.

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Yorkton Saskatchewan

On return from Yorkton Saskatchewan, Scott Ward and Kigen Martin are feeling very greatful to have been able to put on a fun filled show for the local youth. Wonder was felt and smiles were shown as the performers shared their talents and passions on the stage. Scott and Kigen hope that their performance motivates and inspires the youth to follow their passions and pursue their dreams. Every individual has the potential to achieve anything they set their mind too, this is an underlying message that Scott and Kigen strive to convey. It is an absolute honour for the performers to be able to step into the lives of these extremely talented youth. They hope that they are able to create a fire in the hearts of many to become the people that they want to be. Keep dreaming and never give up.

Going M.I.L.E.S. in Wawa, Ontario

On August 30th, Going M.I.L.E.S. headed out to Wawa Ontario to motivate their youth and share some wonder. After two full days of the drug and alcohol awareness workshop, the community was brought together to enjoy a stage show containing hypnotism, magic, music, and wonder. That evening Going M.I.L.E.S. leaders Dakota House, Scott Ward, and Kigen Martin hit the stage, spreading the message that no matter who you are or where you live any dream is achievable. Day three of the workshop rapped up this action packed, fun filled seminar. After saying some rather sad goodbyes the Going M.I.L.E.S. stars flew out of Ontario, and onto their next workshop. “Spreading the magic of youth is a powerful tool,” says magician Kigen Martin “it’s a real honour to be able to visit these communities and connect with all of their youth on a personal level.” Going M.I.L.E.S. strives to empower youth worldwide to chase down every dream, and to always motivate, inspire, lead, empower and succeed.


Addiction Among Indigenous Youth

Drug abuse and addiction in Indigenous Youth is becoming a major and growing problem worldwide in all youth. In Canada alone, the statistics show that more than 60% of the drug users are between the age of 15 and 24 years. This number is still growing among Canadian youth and it is alarming.

Among the popular drugs in Canada include: LSD, Marijuana, Cocaine, Ketamine, Bath salts, Ecstasy, and Methamphetamine.

There are many reasons why teens are prone to drug abuse and addiction. Some are curious and they experiment with drugs, others seem to regularly use them until they become addicted. But it really varies from one person to another, some use drugs for recreation, to socialize with their friends, others use them to overcome depression. Whatever reasons they have, they cause serious problems in all human aspect – health, mental, social, and behavioural related issues are affected. The effects are disturbing, from premature deaths to serious diseases. When teens are under the influence of drugs they become suicidal and violent, and the number of suicides is increasing over time. Common social issue, teens would drop out from school, later they become heavy users creating monsters in themselves, and ruining their future.

Now that drug abuse and addiction is a critical problem of the society, it is high time that we address the problem so that we can save the youth.

Going MILES is proud to have a group of individuals who have hearts to help motivate, inspire, lead and empower our youths to succeed. We have been to different communities around Canada providing workshops for Drug Abuse and Addiction. It is part of our mission to help the new generation be aware of the social problems and for them to be able to address the issues the right way.

The GOING M.I.L.E.S Logo

Did you know that the Going MILES logo was created by Rap Artist, Darren Brule 10 years ago?

The Old English Font Style small letter “G” stands obviously for Going MILES. The letter also has another meaning, it is GUIDANCE against bullying of all types, suicide, violence and addiction.

Dakota House is fond of motorbikes; hence, the wings have been added for more character to the logo.

We have a lot of collectible items – customized with our logo. These items include t-shirts, stickers, caps, and more. All these are available during our events or you can soon order them online and be delivered at your doorstep.


Allow me to introduce myself

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kigen Martin and I am the newest member of Going M.I.L.E.S. I discovered Magic when I was 8 years old, as soon as I began to practice and learn I became addicted. Very soon after my introduction to magic I became a walking encyclopedia of magic tricks and effects. I began performing at the age of 9, and I haven’t been able to stop since. Through magic I strive to teach the public that anything is possible, no matter what your dream may be. I have now been practicing magic for 10 years and I believe that through magical demonstrations and interactions, people can go away motivated to chase down their dream and achieve them. The wonder in the eyes of the spectators is what fuels my fire to continue to spread wonder to people worldwide. Join me as I share with you the magic that I have disscovered in life.


All of us, you and I, get to experience life’s craziest moments – that is why most if not all of us easily describes life as a one hell of a ride. Indeed life is very thrilling as we have those highs and lows and everything in between. No one is exempted. Win or lose, good or bad, happy or sad. In the end, these experiences shape us up as the person that we are now, the man that we are today, the person that we have become.

There are best days but then again there are also worse. Difficulties, challenges and problems are there for a reason – to toughen us up. You may be suffering now but guess what, you are alive. Life may not be perfect but surely it is a blessing.

Life is a web of endless possibilities. Although you may not be on your best today that doesn’t mean you’ll stay the same tomorrow. Strive to be the best version of yourself and always remember that you are an amazing person. Don’t ever forget that.


Someone once said, “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”

The phrase above is very true in every sense of the word. No matter what status you are in life right now as long as you have the courage to face everything and carry yourself back up you will always come out as the victor.

Whether you need to push yourself up if you are in the lowest of the lows, or you need to get a kick start when you are in a slump or if you need just that slight nudge to keep you going when you are at the height of your life you always have the choice to leave it at that stage or motivate yourself and to do more.

Going Miles has all sort of programs perfectly designed to cater to these needs. With a wide array of the best motivational speakers for the youth and the community let us help motivate you to motivate yourself and go the extra mile.