Going Miles is one of the worlds premier and youngest personal transformation team’s.

We are a band of acclaimed motivational speakers, entertainers and personalities, embraced by the youth and communities of the world, sharing our story and inspirational message.

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Going M.I.L.E.S Conference Is Ready To Be Booked In Your Community

We already have the speakers and entertainers and even the t-shirts and agenda for your next event! No need to reinvent the wheel!

Our Story…

Going M.I.L.E.S is a group of entertainers who are also facilitators. We are interactive and have amazing workshops and shows for your next event! 

Going M.I.L.E.S is a relatable and extremely passionate team of mostly culturally sensitive entertainers and facilitators, that love finding the best in people.

We challenge each participant to fire up their own motor, having ownership and be in the drivers seat of life – equipped to understand, navigate, perservere while conquering lifes greatest obstacles and hardships.

We bring our tenacity, hustle and drive so that we can leave your community in a better place.


Want to be a Going M.I.L.E.S Community?

                                                    Motivate – Inspire – Lead – Inspire – Succeed

Our Vision

Going MILES (Motivate, Inspire, Lead, Empower, and Succeed) is raising Self-Esteem and providing pragmatic youth and community empowerment solutions and deliver top notch and inspirational community entertainment.

Going MILES is a program that assists participants with positive self-expression and raising self-esteem by using an interactive engaging hands-on approach that allows one to tap into their natural talents, abilities and by unlocking the true potential to succeed. Going MILES contributes and promotes a new train of thought and positive lifestyle, that give participants a chance to grow and succeed in life. 

Going MILES will give laughter, acknowledgement and praise for positive attitudes and ideas to ensure personal growth and inner development!

Our Events Rock!


– Medicine Wheel Teachings

– Seven Sacred Teachings

– How to raise self esteem and confidence

– How to ignore the haters

– How to be the truest form of you

You community will recieve:

– Spirit Stones

– Autographs

– Cash Prizes

– Going Miles Give Away T-Shirts

At Every Event We:

– Do the Traditional Handshake

– Share and Speak from the heart!

– Have Interactive Games and even Dance!

– Interact With Everyone (100% Participation)

– Break Down Barriers

– We even keep in contact after the event is finished through out social media!

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