Drug abuse and addiction in Indigenous Youth is becoming a major and growing problem worldwide in all youth. In Canada alone, the statistics show that more than 60% of the drug users are between the age of 15 and 24 years. This number is still growing among Canadian youth and it is alarming.

Among the popular drugs in Canada include: LSD, Marijuana, Cocaine, Ketamine, Bath salts, Ecstasy, and Methamphetamine.

There are many reasons why teens are prone to drug abuse and addiction. Some are curious and they experiment with drugs, others seem to regularly use them until they become addicted. But it really varies from one person to another, some use drugs for recreation, to socialize with their friends, others use them to overcome depression. Whatever reasons they have, they cause serious problems in all human aspect – health, mental, social, and behavioural related issues are affected. The effects are disturbing, from premature deaths to serious diseases. When teens are under the influence of drugs they become suicidal and violent, and the number of suicides is increasing over time. Common social issue, teens would drop out from school, later they become heavy users creating monsters in themselves, and ruining their future.

Now that drug abuse and addiction is a critical problem of the society, it is high time that we address the problem so that we can save the youth.

Going MILES is proud to have a group of individuals who have hearts to help motivate, inspire, lead and empower our youths to succeed. We have been to different communities around Canada providing workshops for Drug Abuse and Addiction. It is part of our mission to help the new generation be aware of the social problems and for them to be able to address the issues the right way.