Scott Eagledog Ward, world’s first professional Native Hypnotist, has presented to many first nation communities across Canada and the USA. Scott delivers a comedic show rather than simply a demonstration to impress an audience with powers of persuasion. Aside from entertaining, he educates both youth and adults with his dynamic comedy hypnosis shows and inspiring educational workshops. His father, Dewayne Ward, has influenced him with Ojibway teachings and culture. He shares his native cultures to his workshops. He looks up to his dad and he realized that he wanted to be like him.

He provides high quality services of hypnosis shows full of humour and learning. He is natural to his audience especially with the youth as an educator, thus called himself a full-time travel teacher.

He has message for the youth:

Do what you love doing and don’t stop till you make it! Exceed expectations! Do what you love and be who you are. I have been creating a new brand of Hypnosis since 2004 and have been breaking down barriers and excelling in ways that I never thought possible. Step out of the box and the norm and you will be rewarded in your journey. Life is all about the journey and creating bonds and close friendships. I also live a drug & alcohol-free lifestyle and hope to inspire other young people to do the same if they choose to.”