We call it drama, hating, embarrassment, harassment, and intimidation.

Cyber bullying, whatever name it goes by, it is serious. The range of cyber bullying tactics is getting worse, and it is changing along with new technology and with the different social networking sites.

There are many types of bullying that includes: physical, verbal and social bullying. Unlike these types of bully, cyber bullying can be never ending. A victim can be reached anytime and anywhere, can be followed 24/7 from school, to the mall or around the neighbourhood. And because it can spread quickly, to a wide audience, you might not realize that the impact is changing one’s life. Over time, victims/bullies may become depressed, suicidal and began to socially distant themselves, others may behave aggressively, and lead to violence.

There are many ways to deal with cyber bullying. If you’re a victim – talk to an adult, or report every incident to the school administrator, or to a local police station. If it happens in social networking sites, report it and block the person responsible. And because It’s happening enough that, as a country, we need to do more about it. Going MILES can be your partner in helping you understand Cyberbullying. Our program is to motivate, inspire, lead, empower and assist you to succeed. We have several workshops and that includes dealing with Cyber bullying and Gossip. We make use of interactive exercises to illustrate how gossip and bullying starts. Focus on verbal and non-verbal communication styles to illustrate how it affects us directly and indirectly using Power of Voice Exercise.

And now that a new school year is about to start, feel free to contact us and reserve a date for Cyber Bullying Workshop. Together we can make a difference – we can put a stop to this.