According to Statistics Canada, Suicide (Intentional and Self-Harm) ranked 9th among the causes of deaths with 4,405 numbers listed from both sexes. And it was noted that numbers have been increasing over the years. Among Canadians aged 15 to 24, suicide ranked second among the most common causes of death during 2003–2007.

Why do you think individuals take their own lives? How do we help someone who is suicidal?

Clearly, a suicidal person may not ask for help, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need. Preventing suicide starts by knowing the signs and taking them seriously. To fully understand suicide, one must open up and speak about it openly. Discussing it is very helpful. A person may jokingly express ending his/her life, it may indicate serious suicidal feelings and it should not be ignored. These people are blinded by their depression, hopelessness and isolation and want to escape from suffering. They may not really want death, but instead they look for ways to stop the pain.

Everyone should recognize warning signs of suicide. That includes person talking about suicide, seeking out lethal objects, preoccupied with death, self-hatred, self-destructive and withdrawing from others. As a friend, relative or family, start to help prevent suicide from happening. All you have to do towards a suicidal person is to be yourself, sympathize, listen and give hope.

This is where Going MILES can be of help. We provide interactive workshops on suicide prevention. We have several artists who can go the extra mile to assisting youth to develop positive attitudes and self-esteem in their personal growth and inner development.